ENGINE Cummins 6BT – 5.9 BRAKES
Type Turbo charged Inter cooled Diesel Engine Service Brakes Dual circuit full air S-CAM brakes
No of cylinders 6 inline Parking brake Spring actuated parking brake acting on rear wheels with graduated hand brake valve
Capacity 5883 cc Engine exhaust brake Coupled with service brake
Max. Engine Output 125 HP (93.5kw) at 2400 rpm
Max. Torque 41 kgm (400 Nm) at 1400-1700 rpm WHEELS & TYRES 10.00×20-16 PR /
Fuel injection pump Rotary, Bosch 10Rx20 – 16PR Radial (optional)
Air Filter Dry type, remote mounted Wheel rims 7.00 x 20
No of Wheels Front-2, Rear-4, Spare-1
CLUTCH 330 mm dia, single disc friction type
FUEL TANK 250 litres Optional – 350 litres
Type Synchromesh on all forward gears & constantmesh on reverse gear CAB/COWL Resiliently mounted New tilt Sleeper/Non Sleeper cabin/cowl options
No of gears 5 forward, 1 reverse
ELECTRICAL SYSTEM 12 Volts, 150 Ah capacity battery, 65 Amps alternator capacity
FRONT AXLE Heavy duty, Forged I beam, reverse elliot type
REAR AXLE Tata RA 108 PR MAX. CLIMBING ABILITY 17% (in 1st gear with standard gear box & rear axle)
Type Single reduction, fully floating axle shafts Max. geared speed in top gear 81 kmph
Ratio 5.857 : 1 (41/7)

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