Type Water cooled, direct injection, Turbo charged diesel engine WHEELS & TYRES 10.00×20-16 PR Diagonal Ply
No of cylinders 6 inline Wheel rims 7.00 x 20
Bore/Stroke 102 mm/ 120 mm No of Wheels Front : 2 Rear : 4 Spare : 1
Capacity 5883 cc FUEL TANK 160 Litres
Max. Engine Output 142 HP (106 kw) at 2500 rpm
Max. Torque 48 mkg. (473 Nm) at 1500 rpm CAB All steel full-forward control Non-sleeper cab
Compression Ratio 17.6 : 1 HYDRAULICS SYSTEM Front End Tipping gear with APPIII Pump
Firing order 1-5-3-6-2-4
Air filter Dry type, remote mounted TIPPER GEAR Under body tipping gear pivoted to the sub-frame at rear, with heavy duty steel body. Box tipper is provided with tail gate
Oil filter Spin-on full flow paper type
Fuel filter Pre and fine filtration with water separator BODY TYPE Scoop                       Box
Fuel injection pump Mico ‘A’ type in-line Struck Capacity (Cu. Meter)      6                            6
Governor Built-in centrifugal
Capacity of cooling system 26.5 litres (Total) HYDRAULIC SYSTEM
Coolant Water & Ethylene glycol, ratio 1:1 Lifting Cylinders Two stage double acting telescopic cylinders – 2 nos
Crank case oil capacity Max 14.3 litres Pump model APP MK-III, Axial plunger with pneumatic shifting
Min 12.3 litres Scoop                       Box
Weight of engine (with flywheel and air compressor but without electricals) 413 kg (Dry) Control Calve MCV-90
Radiator frontal area 4171 sq.cm. Relief valve pressure setting kg/sq cm 165
Turbocharger Holset Hydraulic oil tank capacity in litres 55
Total system capacity in litres 70
CLUTCH Tipping time in sec 12
Type Single plate dry fiction Lowering time in sec (aaprox) 7
Outside diameter of clutch lining 352 mm Tipping Angle in degrees 60.5                          50
GEAR BOX Tata G600
Type Synchromesh on all forward gears & constantmesh on reverse gear CHASSIS DIMENSIONS  (mm) 12 volts
No of gears 6 forward, 1 reverse Scoop                         Box
Wheelbase 3625                          3625
FRONT AXLE Heavy duty, forged beam, Reverse Elliot type Track front 1964                          1964
REAR AXLE TATA RA-109 Track rear 1817                          1817
Single reduction, hyphoid gears, fully floating axle shafts Overall length 6400                           6594
Max. width 2440                          2440
STEERING Integral Hydraulic Power Assisted Steering Front Overhang 1255                          1255
FRAME Ladder type heavy duty frame with rivetted/bolted cross members.  Side members are of channel section WEIGHTS (kg) (Tolerance as per INTEREUROPE StVZO)
Chassis ready for operation with tipper body (with spare wheel and tools) as per IS : 9211 6970                         6720
SUSPENSION Max permissible FAW 6000                         6000
Type Semi-elliptical leaf spring at front & rear Max permissible RAW 102000                     102000
Shock absorbers Hydraulic double acting telescopic type at front only Max permissible GVW 16000                      16000
19000 kg
Service Brakes Fully duplicated, full air S-CAM brake system PERFORMANCE
Lining brake Front – 2180 sq.cm Max gradability in 1st gear with standard gear box & rear axle 22%
Rear – 2470 sq.cm Max. geared speed in top gear 81 kmph
Total – 4650 sq.cm Minimum turning circle dia in mm-as per IS : 9435 14500
Parking brake Hand operated Minimum turning clearance dia in mm – as per IS – 9435 16000
Spring actuated parking brake acting on rear wheels
Engine exhaust brake Coupled with service brake

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